British Vogue

Condé Nast UK


I was the lead designer in the redesign of British Vogue in 2012. It was a big project for our team, which involved gaining the trust of the renowned editorial team to allow us to do something completely new for them and convince and train them and, subsequently, the other brand's editorial teams, to produce nicely flowing long-form content using all the new responsive article features we built for them.

Vogue Homepage

For the design, we wanted the site to feel intuitive and easy to use without having to have arrows, icons or instructions to help the user navigate. Keeping the pages clean and flat, the content would shine through typographic choices and layout of imagery. 

Short fashion article on Vogue

It was one of the first examples of a responsive big media site and was a finalist in the Webby Awards 2013 for Best Practise, losing to Dropbox.


The redesign received a lot of attention on Twitter from hundred's of readers.


Having used Typecast heavily for the redesign, they came to interview us about using their product to redesign Vogue.  Typecast also published an article about Vogue.

Fashion Shows

One of the challenges we faced with Vogue was how to present Fashion Shows, which is such a huge part of what they offer. We wanted the viewer to feel immersed in the show as much as possible, without compromising usability or discoverability of content and images. 

The galleries were just stripped back and all about the image, using the popular zoom functionality. 

Long-form articles

Having the luxury of being able to showcase beautiful imagery and cinematography, we were able to use our article templates to show off full-width videos in long-form articles like this one on Couture Week.